In the book, Guidelines FOR  A Master: 12 Steps to an Extremely Happy Life, Through a series of life lessons, I will offer you 12 well-defined steps designed to uplift, encourage, congratulate, and inspire you as you take control over your own happiness. Your spiritual journey can start today, Extreme happiness is waiting for you- Are you ready for it?


Chicago native, Derrick B. Wells, Ed.D. is an author, artist, CEO, and The Senior Minister of Christ Universal Temple. He is a contemporary man of God whose story is one of radical redemption. His process of redemption has played a major role in his commitment to teaching people how to transform their life. It is the manifestation of the vision God gave him to help build individuals, families, and communities through the power of love, the pursuit of happiness, and the application of self-determination.

Derrick’s journey to ministry draws from his own personal life of encountering challenges as an adolescent in the inner-city of Chicago.  In his words- he was, “unchurched,” but found his way to Christ Universal Temple in search of someplace that could help him change and become better. Nearly five years after the Reverend Dr. Johnnie Colemon’s retirement, the Reverend Dr. Derrick B. Wells was selected by the congregation as the second Senior Minister in the history of CUT. As a leader and teacher with an unquenchable thirst for excellence and achievement, he sees the potential of God and the emergence of the Christ in all humanity.